Sep 12, 2022
resolute + pantheon = love

Resolute Design and Development, a web design and development firm based out of Central Illinois, has partnered with Pantheon, to provide world-class, full-service hosting. Pantheon hosts, Patagonia, the World Bank, and over 285,000 of the nation’s largest websites. Pantheon has an outstanding reputation for reliability and performance, and it also has specialized experience with open-source content management systems, like Drupal and WordPress.

Together, our unique infrastructure and security capabilities give our customers the peace of mind they need to deliver awesome, secure, and reliable online experiences.

By partnering with Pantheon, we can offer clients a reliable, secure infrastructure and environment for hosting. Pantheon's advanced functionality and ability to deploy new features and enhancements rapidly, allow us to save time and resources and pass those savings down to our clients.

owner, Jessica Baumberger.

With this partnership, Resolute Design and Development clients will benefit from:

  • Container-based infrastructure
  • Automated, one-click core updates
  • Denial of service protection
  • Immutable code
  • Automated site monitoring
  • Automated HTTPS
  • Role-based access
  • Automated backups and retention

Resolute Design and Development leverages Pantheons’ Multidev capability to simultaneously test different features and updates using a copy for each site feature being tested. The Pantheon dashboard allows customers to freely spin up a test environment for safe experimentation.

Pantheon offers a WebOps stack that is secure by design—engineered and maintained using rigorous security practices, like resource isolation, redundancy, anti-malware, datacenter security, patches and updates, and network security and intrusion prevention.

Resolute Design and Development has over 16 years’ experience, designing and developing websites and applications for organizations across the country. Gain the benefit of outstanding pricing at a discounted rate by signing up for Hosting today.

Learn more about Pantheon.

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