What is UI/UX?

User Interface (UI) design or engineering is the design of user interfaces for websites or applications, with the focus on usability and the User Experience (UX).

UI design is more about the overall look and design while UX is about the entire process of creating a user experience.

Information Architecture

We put a heavy focuses on information architecture, which is the art and science of organizing digital content. You can have a beautiful UI, but if your content is not organized in a logical using the proper titles, terms, and headings, your content will be hard to understand.

User Research

Using personas, surveys, and interviews, we research the potential users of the system by studying how the users interact with a website or application.

UI/UX Audits

Our UI/UX consultants can perform usability, or UI/UX audits, to evaluate your website, application, or prototype to identify usability problems in the design. We will walkthrough your website or application to accomplish the target tasks, and make recommendations based on those interactions.

UI/UX Design Services

Design is more than how a website or application looks. With functionality being the main goal, using design to add clarity, familiarity, and consistency to your UI will help to improve the overall user experience. Good UI allows users to find what they're looking for, while using the least amount of cognitive effort.

Website or Application Design

Update your outdated site or application or start from scratch with a new design. We can help you create a modern user interface, to make it more usable and create a better overall user experience.  By focusing on design thinking and human-centered design approaches, we are able to create frictionless experience for users. Let's make something functional and beautiful!   


We typically start our design projects with wireframes to help focus on what content should be prioritized, what functionalities are available, and what the intended behaviors are. By establishing the basic structure of the page before the visual design, it helps to provide a better visual understanding of your website or app. It is also quicker and easier to review and amend.

Design Mockups

Our designers can help create design mockups for your new website or application. We provide multiple designs that featured different layouts and elements based on the project goals and requirements. We take a human-centered approach to our designs to ensure that functionality is our top priority.


We can help transform your layout into a working prototype to share with key stakeholders. This allows your organization the time and space to test the design, identify possible issues ahead of time, and provide better guidance for developers as they develop your site or application.